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Whenever Baekhyun gets surprised



Like a little baby 







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*squeals* I love your blog and I love that you're a 95liner (I am too!) and I love that you like EXO and SNSD and SHINee and I love your analyses on Jongkey and Kaisoo (I was actually squealing in fangirl joy as I read them :3) if you have the time could you do a Taohun analysis? Hehe :P


Omg aww I’m so happy that you enjoy my blog and analyses! c: It feels great to know that people actually find my opinions reasonable and worth reading hahaha~ I promise to not disappoint you with this one ;D

Honestly, TaoHun is probably the only EXO ship that I’ve had little to no doubt about. I’m usually a pretty skeptical person, but when it comes to TaoHun, I’m almost fully convinced lol. There’s just so much reasonable evidence that they have real feelings for each other and may even be a legitimate couple. If you aren’t a TaoHun shipper and you don’t plan on reading my analysis with an open mind, I suggest you leave right now cos this won’t be any good for you ^^

Warning: long post ahead.

There are a few main reasons why I think TaoHun could definitely be real:

  1. They have personalities that compliment one another.
  2. Both are likely homosexual.
  3. They have a very close and intimate relationship.
  4. Their moments are genuine and not based on fanservice.

They have personalities that compliment one another.

I’ve picked up quite a few things from my 4 months of being an EXO stan and here are just some of my observations of Tao and Sehun.

Tao is a very emotional person. He needs to be surrounded and cared for by others in order to feel that he is loved, and that’s why he so often clings onto his bandmates. He is also very honest and does not have a clue about how to be professional, take for example the rants he’s posted on weibo. He’ll act on his instinct and what he feels in the moment instead of what is planned. His self esteem is quite low, and I suspect that his expensive clothing is a cover-up for his insecurities.

Sehun is very fun and easy going. He has quite a passive personality and generally has a pretty good temper, hence is why Tao goes to him for comfort. He loves to cling onto Sehun, and the latter just lets him. Tao has also said before that when he’s with Sehun, there’s no stress. And I think that’s exactly what he needs, someone who makes him feel at home and comfortable.

Both are likely homosexual.

I was actually planning on using gifs for this argument, but since it seems kinda wrong to call them gay just by looking at stereotypes, I think I’m just going to leave them out and let you guys make your own conclusions. Though I admit that majority of the reason why I think they’re gay is indeed due to their mannerisms, you have to remember that stereotypes exist because they’re actually true to an extent. While behaving femininely doesn’t make a person gay, many guys who behave femininely do happen out to be gay. So there is a correlation between feminine behavior and homosexuality.

There are many other reasons why I think Tao and Sehun are homosexual and I’ll gladly explain my reasoning to you if you want, but I don’t want to talk about that here because I don’t want this post to be longer than it needs to be.

They have a very close and intimate relationship.

I don’t think any explanation is needed here?




More examples: 1, 2, 3

Some ninja TaoHun shippers also caught the couple exchanging couple bracelets and the exact dates they’ve worn them. (Lol scary, I know.) They’ve been doing this for several months now.


january 4th (i believe) - bracelets purchased

january 14-16 - tao wears both

january 19 - they trade-off black and white

january 26&27 - tao wears both

january 28 (sport thing) - tao wears white and pinkish (to be relevant later) except when sehun wears both

february 5 - sehun wears black

february 7 (sehun’s graduation) - tao wears white (with different black)

february 22 - tao wears white

march 15 - sehun wears black

march 23 - tao wears white (with different black again)

march 25 - tao wears white (with different different black)

march 29 - tao wears white (with different different black again)

march 30 - tao wears white (with different different black again)

april 3 - sehun wears black (has also acquired different different black bracelet now too idek what’s happening anymore)

april 6 - sehun wears black (still wearing different different black and the pinkish from Sports Day too idefk y’all are a mess now)

and then the rest of the days are only blurry pics outside of the sm building so who fucking knows what they wore although i know tao wore just the white one to sm on feb 25nd.

so in summary sehun has exclusively worn the black one while tao has exclusively worn the white one since the 27th of january.



Their moments are genuine and not based on fanservice.

I’m sorry but anybody who believes otherwise is just wrong.

First of all, TaoHun existed when their ship wasn’t popular or even recognized in Korea. People focused so much on HunHan and TaoRis that TaoHun was pretty much always ignored up until recently, so we know that they aren’t an SM-promoted couple.


-a while after-



Here, even after they are told to stop, they continue touching and flirting, hoping not to get caught. If they were truly a fanservice couple, their actions would be based off of what they are told to do.

Secondly, Tao isn’t much of a fanservice-y type of person and he’s also pretty bad at hiding his feelings, so when he does initiate skinship, it probably comes from real desire. 


Tao pulls Sehun closer when he’s rubbing his ass because he doesn’t want the camera to see what he’s doing.



Let’s also talk about these gifs.

Yes, because band members totally sneak up to the side of the stage, whisper to each other, and touch each other for just the heck of it.

While these are just some of the reasons why I believe in TaoHun, I think we can find the most convincing evidence of their relationship from Tao and Sehun themselves.

As you guys probably know, Tao liked a TaoHun fanfiction and FMV on weibo.



I’m well aware that he may have liked it by accident, and I don’t doubt that at all since it seems just like Tao to do something so careless, but the fact that it happened twice and both were TaoHun can only be so much of a coincidence. Let’s say that both times were by accident. This probably means that he checks out that stuff quite often, since it’s pretty unlikely to be checking out the same thing and “accidentally” liking it both times. And not to mention, the only tag on the fanfic was “TaoHun” so he couldn’t have possibly found that fic by any other means.

As for Sehun, I got pretty suspicious after reading his answer here:

On Shimshimtapa Bora Interview (130820), Sehun revealed his ideal type: Someone who has fair skin, 162cm, has round eyes with double eyelids, has a good natural body scent, chic on the outside but delicate inside, always thinks of him and has a good fashion sense.


"has a good natural body scent"




"chic on the outside but delicate inside"

I already explained this. We all know that beneath all that pretty clothing, Tao is a really sensitive and emotional person. If he’s talking about anybody here, it’s most definitely Tao.

"has a good fashion sense"




I think not.


Acne on my face: yuck

Acne on boy in my class: yuck

Acne on older people: yuck

Acne on idol’s face: i think I’m in love

131206 Gimpo Airport


i am an international fan

i am the 5 a.m awards show you stayed up all night to watch

i am the lack of sleep from that awards show

i am the expensive shipping fees for merch

i am the patient wait for the next interview, concert, or event to be subbed in your language

i am the “it’s a korean…

Seekers on Running Man
  • Normal People:shh!!! be quiet!!! stop the bells from ringing!!
  • EXO:ANNYEONGHASAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE EXOOOOOO!!!!!!

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I fucking hate it when you’re in such a fantastically giddy mood and then you see one simple little thing that makes you think, “oh” and then you just get this empty feeling in your chest and you get nauseous and the world just crumbles and you want to just lay under a blanket and close your eyes and fall asleep and never wake up.